Criterion 8: Closing the Gap

Element 8.1
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Element 8.1

  Identifies barriers to achievement and knows how to close resulting gaps.

Resource Author Format
Books and Research
Talking about the Achievement Gap Frameworks Institute Article
Assessment FOR Learning, the 
Achievement Gap, and Truly 
Effective Schools
Rick Stiggins  Article
Latino English Language Learners:
Bridging Achievement and Cultural
Gaps between Schools and Families
Good, Masewicz & Vogle.
Journal of Latinos and Education. 2010
College Readiness Indicator Systems: Building Effective Supports for Students  Annenberg Institute Article
Why Race and Culture Matter in Schools  Tyrone C. Howard Book
Every Day Anti-Racism: Getting Real
about Race
Edited by Mica Pollock  Book
The Pedagogy of Confidence
Yvette Jackson Book
Teaching with Poverty in Mind  Eric Jensen Book
The School Leader's Guide to
Formative Assessment: Using
Data to Improve Student and
Teacher Improvement
Todd Stanley & Jana Aliog Book
Switch: How to Change Things
When Change is Hard
Heath & Heath Book
Student Achievement Goal
Setting: Using Data to Improve
Teaching and Learning
James Stronge & Leslie Grant Book
School Counseling to Close
the Achievement Gap: A Social
Justice Framework for Success
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy Book
Putting Faces on the Data: What
Great Leaders Do
Lyn Sharratt & Michael Fullan Book
Embedded Formative Assessment
Dylan Williams

Data Strategies to Uncover
and Eliminate Hidden Inequities:
The Wallpaper Effect
Ruth Johnson & Robin LaSalle Book
Creating the Opportunity to Learn:
Moving from Research to Practice
to Close the Achievement Gap 
Boykin & Noguera Book
Closing the Opportunity Gap:
What America Must Do to Give
Every Child an Even Chance
Prudence Carter & Kevin Welner Book
Aim High, Achieve More: How to
Transform Urban Schools
Through Fearless Leadership
Yvette Jackson & Veronica McDermott Book
The Heart of Learning and
Teaching: Compassion, Resiliency
and Academic Success
Wolpow, Johnson, Hertek & Kinkaid  PDF
Teacher Union Contracts and
High School Reform
Mitch Price PDF
Reducing Stereotype Threat in
Classrooms: A Review of Social-Psychological Intervention Studies
on Improving the Achievement of
Black Students
Joshua Aronson PDF
Raising Achievement and
Closing the Gap
Jennifer Durham  PDF
Planning for Terrific Transitions: A
Guide for Transitions to School Teams
Hale, Brown & Amwake PDF
Parsing the Achievement Gap II  Barton & Coley  PDF
Fostering School Connectedness:
Staff Development Program -
Facilitator's Guide
Center for Disease Control & Prevention PDF
Fostering School Connectedness
Guidelines for Administrators
Center for Disease Control & Prevention PDF
Effective and Promising Practices
for Closing Achievement Gaps
Stone, Barron & Finch  PDF
C.A.R.E.: Strategies for Closing
the Achievement Gap
National Education Association PDF
After the Test: Closing the
Achievement Gaps with Data
Kiley Walsh Symonds PDF
A Review of Methods and Instruments
Used in State and Local School
Readiness Evaluations
Catherine Scott-Little et al.   PDF
Inside the Black Box of High-
Performance High-Poverty Schools

Patricia Kannapel & Stephen Clements Report
Closing the Gap: Implementation Tools
and Templates
American Association of School Administrators, Consortium for School Networking, & Gartner Inc. Web Resource
Navigation 101 - Career and
College Readiness
OSPI Web Resource
Helping Parents Become
Interventionists Through the
Use of Child Assessment Data
Schrotberger, Clements & Nichols 
Harvard Family Research Project, 2013.
Web Resource
Collective Barganing for Improved
Student Achievement
National Education Association Web Resource
ASCA National Model American School Counselor Association Web Resource
Achievement Gap Videos
Harvard University Achievement
Gap Initiative
Web Resource
Learning Environments that Promote
Positive Youth Development and
Success for African American
Male Students
Schools Moving Up-WestEd Webinar
Links to Webinars  Children Youth and Families Education
and Research Network
Links to Webinars Schools Moving Up - WestEd Webinar
Formative Assessment Webinars Robert Marzano & Tammy Heflebower Webinar


Element 8.2

  Demonstrates a commitment to close the achievement gap.

Resource Author Format
Books and Research
Leadership for Equality Rhonda Barton & Rob Larson. Principal Research Review. March 2012.  Blog/Article
We Can't Teach What We Don't Know: White Teachers, Multiracial Schools Gary Howard Book
Walking the Equality Talk: A Guide for Culturally Courageous Leadership in
School Communities 

John Robert Browne Book
Excellence Through Equity: Five Principles of Courageous Leadership to Guide Achievement for Every Studen Alan Blankstein & Pedro Noguera  Book
Understanding White Privilege: Creating Pathways to Authentic Relationships Across Race  Frances E. Kendall  Book
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Strategies
for Facilitating Conversations on Race
Caprice Hollins & Ilsa Govan Book
The Culturally Proficient School: An Implementation Guide for School Leaders  Lindsey, Roberts & Jones Book
Privilege, Power and Difference  Alan G. Johnson Book
Every Day Anti-Racism: Getting Real
About Race
Edited by Mica Pollock Book
Getting it Done: Leading Academic
Success in Unexpected Schools
Karin Chenoweth & Christina Theokas Book
Excited to Learn: Motivation and
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Margery Ginsberg Book
Culturally Proficient Education:
An Asset-Based Response to
Conditions of Poverty
Lindsey, Karnes & Myatt Book
Best Leadership Practices for
High-Poverty Schools
Linda Lyman & Christien J. Villani Book 
Using Equality Audits in the Classroom
to Reach and Teach All Students
Kathryn Bell McKenzie & Linda Skria Book
The Learning Leader: How to Focus
School Improvement for Better Results
Douglas Reeves Book
Minding the Achievement Gap
One Classroom at a Time
Pollock, Ford & Black Book
High Poverty, High Performing Schools Ovid Wong
Closing the Achievement Gap: A
Practical Handbook for Teachers
International Center for
Leadership in Education

Best Leadership Practices for
High-Poverty Schools
Linda L. Lyman & Christine J. Villani Book
Reducing the Achievement Gap
Through District/Union Collaboration:
The Tale of Two School Districts
National Commission on Teaching
and America's Future. 
Preventing Disproportionality by
Strengthening District Policies and
Procedures: An Assessment and
Strategic Planning Process
Kozleski & Zion. National Center
for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems
White Fragility  Robin DiAngelo PDF
Leadership and Race: How to Develop
and Support Leadership that
Contributes to Racial Justice
Center for Assessment and Policy Development PDF
Flipping the Script: White Privilege
and Community Building
Maggie Potapchuk et al. 
Center for Assessment and Policy Development
Equity in Special Education Placement:
A School Self-Assessment Guide or
Culturally Responsive Practice
Geraldo V. Richards et al. 
National Center for Culturally
Responsive Educational Systems
Fostering Equity and Excellence for Black and Latin Males Boston Public Schools PDF
Culture, Abilities, Resilience,
Effort: Strategies for Closing
the Achievement Gaps

National Education Association

Culturally Responsive Practices
for Student Success: A
Regional Sampler
Jennifer Klump & Gwen McNeir Blog/Article
Culturally Responsive Teaching Documents Center for Strengthening the
Teaching Profession
Cultural Competence Matrix
Closing the Achievement Gap: A
Policy Action Guide for Washington
State's School Directors
Washington State School Directors Association PDF
Approaches to Dropout Prevention:
Heeding Early Warning Signs with Appropriate Interventions
Louise Kennelly & Maggie Monad PDF
After the Test: Closing the
Achievement Gaps with Data

Kelly Walsh Symonds PDF
Achievement Gap Elimination Plan  Ann Arbor Public Schools PowerPoint
Building Authentic Relationships
with Youth at Risk

National Dropout Prevention Center/Network  Video
Racial Equity Tools Center for Policy Development Web Resource
Training for Diversity and Cultural Competence
REACH Center Web Resource
Research on Dropout Prevention
What Works Clearinghouse

Web Resource
Re-entry Programs for Out-of-School
Youth with Disabilities
National Dropout Prevention
Web Resource
NASP Multicultural Resources and Publications National Association of School
Web Resource
Model Programs for Dropout Prevention National Dropout Prevention 
Web Resource
Leadership for Equity Assessment & Development (LEAD) Tool Education Northwest Web Resource
Interpretation and Translation Services
for School Districts
OSPI Web Resource
Equity Assistance Region X Equity Assistance Center Web Resource
Eliminating Disparities in School
Education Northwest Web Resource
Early Warning Systems National High School Center Web Resource
Cultural Competency Resources Education Northwest Web Resource
 Cultural Competency Workshop Fairfax County Public Schools (VA) Webinar
Evidence-Based Practices for
Linguistically Diverse Students

Council for Exceptional Children


Element 8.3

  Provides evidence of growth in student learning.

Student growth rubric elements are designed to focus on actual student achievement, rather than principal actions. Resources listed within the other elements of this criterion support actions increasing the likelihood of evidence of student growth.